Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Cardinal Innovation Center Today: Bump and Run Lesson Planning, 360 Video and an Art Teacher

Any football fans out there? If so, you may have heard the term bump and run coverage. To the layman, its a strategy used by defensive backs to cover wide receivers. Bump and run lesson planning is somewhat similar. This occurs when you bump into a colleague in the hall and strike up a conversation about a cool idea you have for a lesson in their class.

I was very fortunate to have some bump and run lesson planning today. Walking out of another meeting with the leadership team, I bumped into one of our art teachers. Earlier this year, we collaborated on a method to use Google Hangouts and Chromebooks to help students see her demonstrations better in a large classroom. When we bumped into each other today, her first question was a technical question about how to bypass the firewall so she can access certain art websites that are blocked. Needless to say, I hooked her up with a hack.

Powerbeast 360 Camera 
Before she could leave, I showed her my new 360 Camera. I asked her what issues she still has with students being able to see her modeling and demonstrations. As expected, she talked about videos how flipped lessons via Hangouts only shows two dimensional views. I showed her a few 360 videos using one of the Cardinal Innovation Center VR headsets and she was immediately hooked. She immediately saw the potential for having her kids watch 360 video demonstrations of her modeling to give them a perspective like never before. One of her first reactions was the increase in engagement students will have when they put on the headsets.

Our first planning and recording session is this Thursday. Stay tuned!

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