Friday, October 6, 2017

Cardinal Innovation Center Today: The Williams Sisters, PE, Screencasting and Voice Over

The Cardinal Innovation Center welcomed it's first PE lesson today. PE teacher Sara Vega brought in her freshmen PE students who have been learning the ins and outs of tennis. After a week learning the rules and basic techniques, it was time for students to demonstrate their understanding of the game.

A week ago, Ms. Vega and I planned a learning demonstration where students would provide commentary on a tennis match by calling out all aspects of the match in real time. To accomplish this, students were paired and given Chromebooks. A Google Doc with a list of tennis terms and links to a video of a Williams sisters match on YouTube were distributed via Google Classroom. Students either wrote a cheat sheet of terms or split their screen with Dualless Chrome Extension to have the terms available for reference.

After watching the video, when they were ready, they muted the sound and used the Screencastify Chrome Extension to screencast. As the tennis video played muted, the students called out the different aspects of tennis they recently learned in real time. Some students did it in one take while others did multiple takes. When finished, they shared their videos with Ms. Vega. Ms. Vega and I will evaluate the videos and put exemplars on a YouTube playlist to share with other classes.

Students seemed to enjoy and really engage with this activity. Ms. Vega is planning to do a similar activity with each new game/sport they learn. An activity we discussed for future classes include using 360 video to record sport specific skills for students to view in a VR headset.

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