Thursday, September 24, 2020

Make a Force Copy of a Digital File in GSuite

As educators, we create resources all the time. When we collaborate with colleagues, we share these resources, but issues arise with editing and viewing permissions as well having to make copies of digital files. If you are using GSuite, there is a simple trick for creating a "Force Copy" link. A "Force Copy" link forces anyone who clicks on it to make a copy of your file without having open a View Only version and make the copy on their own. It removes a few steps from that process. With many colleagues, removing those extra steps can be very helpful. 

This isn't a brand new idea, and you could Google it and find many articles on how to do this, but take a look at the steps and screenshots below to learn how to make a "Force Copy" of a file in GSuite.

Step 1: Open your file and click Share. Set permissions for Anyone with the link is a Viewer.

Step 2: After setting the permissions, look at the Omnibox (address bar)

Step 3: In the Omnibox (address bar), find where is says edit near the end of the address. Delete the word edit and replace it with copy.

Step 4: After changing edit to copy, push Return (on a Mac) or Enter (on a PC or Chromebook) and you'll be taken to this page. Copy the new URL, the entire address, and send it anyone you like or post it somewhere for people to make a "Force Copy" of your file. When they click Make a copy, their copy will automatically be saved in My Drive of their Google Drive. This trick can be done with Slides, Docs, Sheets, Forms, Jamboard, and Drawings.

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