Thursday, September 17, 2020

Create a Google Classroom Shell


Distance learning has made educators busier than ever. Anything we can do to streamline our workflow and be more efficient is usually welcomed. Adapting Google Classroom to the rigors of distance learning, many educators have developed some go-to activities and assignments to maximize learning. One way to maximize our efficiency in this endeavor is to create a "Google Classroom Shell". 

A "Google Classroom Shell" is a Google Classroom created with no students invited. In the Shell, you assign assignments, materials, questions, etc. as Templates. Once you've created your Templates in the Shell, from any Google Classroom (with students) you can Reuse Posts from the Shell and quickly assign work to students. 

Take a look below to see how I set up my Class Shell and use it to streamline the process of assigning work and activities to students. In my Shell, I have a dozen or so go-to activities that I reuse over and over each week. 

Step 1: Create a Class Shell Google Classroom. Create assignments, questions, materials, and quizzes "templates". Title each with easy to edit naming conventions or codes. This will help you when you reuse in your live Google Classrooms. 

Step 2: Once your Shell is created, go to a live Google Classroom you are currently using populated with students. In the Classwork tab, click Create. Select Reuse post. 

Step 3: Choose your Class Shell and select from the "templates" you created.

Step 4: Once you've selected your "template", edit the title, instructions and details for your planned learning goals. You can also assign this to multiple classes. If you create templates with documents, when you reuse them, new copies of the documents will be made as well.

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