Monday, October 19, 2020

Remain True to Your Title: Coach


In the midst of school closures, distance and hybrid learning, and the need to increase technology use in education due to COVID19, edtech coaches across the country are being called upon to create and facilitate PD sessions to train on new tools. While it is vital that teachers feel comfortable with the tech tools they will be using, it is even more important that coaches do not become so focused on PD that they forget their main role - coach.

Tips for Remaining a Coach First & Foremost

  • Follow-Up: After delivering a PD, be sure to speak with the educators you serve. Have conversations. Ask what you can do to support them. 

  • Be Available: Offer open office hours and Q & A sessions. Let teachers know they can drop in to chat about anything education related. Support must extend beyond the PD session itself.

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