Wednesday, October 14, 2020

No Magic Bullet


It is tempting to seek a single strategy, app, or platform to solve the challenges we face in education. If every student was exactly the same, this would work. Similarly, if every teacher was exactly the same, we could coach them in an identical way. But that is not the case. Support must be personalized. You and your students face unique challenges. Those we serve are like fingerprints, no two are identical. What works for one will not necessarily work for another. 

  • Get to Know Those You Serve & Their Context - Visit classrooms, whether they be physical or virtual, to observe teacher strengths to build upon. Our upcoming book devotes an entire chapter to strategies for being a walking coach.

  • Be Tech Agnostic - As a coach, earn certifications and/or gain competency with as many platforms, apps, and strategies as possible. Arm yourself with a full toolbox from which to provide the most appropriate tool to meet each teacher’s specific, unique need.

Want more support? Keep an eye out for our upcoming book The Complete EdTech Coach: An Organic Approach to Supporting Digital Learning, and in the meantime, visit and for a growing bank of resources designed for you.

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