Thursday, September 2, 2021

Quickly Translate the Text on Your Google Slides

Back to School Night season is upon us and Google Slides are a valuable tool in presenting your classroom's rules, expectations and more to parents. For parents who speak a language other than English, it can be difficult to translate an English language presentation. For English learner students, not being able to see Slides presentations in their home language is a learning barrier. 

To help remedy these issues, take a look at the Translate My Slide Add On in Google Slides. Below is a sample slide typed completely in English. The Translate My Slide Add On will translate the text typed on the slide to a myriad of languages.

Start by clicking the Add-ons tab on the toolbar. From there, click Get add-ons.

The Google Workspace Marketplace will appear. In the search bar, type translator. Among the results, you'll see Translate My Slide. Click it to open and then click Install.

After installation, the next time you click the Add-ons tab, Translate My Slide will appear as an option. Click it and then click Start a new translation.

On the right side of your presentation, the a menu will appear. In this menu, choose your source language and target language. At the bottom, toggle the switch to Translate all slides with 1 click. Click Translate to start the process.

Depending on the amount of slides in your presentation, it only takes 10-20 seconds to translate. The larger the presentation, the longer it will take. When finished, you'll see a Job done alert.

After closing the Job done alert, you'll see the text boxes in your slides translated into the language of your choice. 

If you want to keep your original English language version unscathed, make a copy of it and run the Translate My Slide Add-on on the copy. This will give two versions, in different languages. For what will you use the Translate My Slide Add-on? If you have any questions and would like a follow up, contact me via Gmail or Chat at 

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  1. This is great. I do not know if anyone else will have to do this, but after installing the Add-on I had to close and reopen by Slides before it would give me the option to "start a new translation"
    Thanks for the great post and resource!

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