Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Get Started with "Choose Your Own Adventure" Stories Using Google Slides


A "Choose Your Own Adventure" Story is a fun, simple way to empower students to explore a variety of possibilities when reading a story. Instead of everyone reading the story in the same timeline, students can choose where to go at "forks in the road" of the story. The magic of linking text boxes to other slides makes this relatively easy to create with Google Slides.

Start by putting all the pieces of your story and the various versions onto their respective slides. Once your slides are created, at "forks in the story", create text boxes for kids to choose the direction they want to go. In the example below, there are two options. 

For each option, select the text with your cursor and right click. In the menu that appears, click Link. 

After clicking Link, select Slides in this presentation. This will allow you to choose which version of the story the student will navigate to.

Choose the slide that corresponds to the respective version of the story. Repeat this process for each version.

Below is a simple example of what it would look like if a student chose Option 1. 

Below is a simple example of what it would look like if a student chose Option 2. 

How will you use "Choose Your Own Adventure" Stories in your class? If you have some cool examples, please share on Twitter with the hashtag #OrganicEdTech or send me a link to ajuarez@techcoachjuarez.com. 

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