Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Facilitate Thin Slides within Google Classroom


Thin Slides is a versatile and simple way to get students engaged by listening, speaking, presenting and more. For teachers, you can use it to activate prior knowledge, check for understanding and break up the monotony of a lesson. 

Normally, this is done by creating a slidedeck in Google Slides, setting the permissions to Can Edit and pushing the link out to students via email, Share or Google Classroom. 

Doing it those ways works just fine, but there are some drawbacks. One common drawback is students not staying on their slide, accidentally or purposefully. Below is my idea to facilitate this activity, but avoiding accidental or purposeful errors on the students' parts.

Step 1: Start an assignment in Google Classroom. Click Create and choose Slides. Be sure to put detailed instructions and expectation.

Step 2: Title your slidedeck. Only put one slide.

Step 3: In the assignment, select Make a copy for each student.

Step 4: Open the assignment to view the student submissions.

Step 5: After students have submitted their slides, open the first student's slidedeck when ready to present. Use the arrows to go to next student's slide as you move through the Thin Slides activity.

The GIF below shows what it would look like presenting each student's slide.

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  1. How does it translate in a non-GC scenario?

  2. I am sure you could do something similar with Microsoft Teams. Instead of Slides, you could do PowerPoint. You might be able to something with Seesaw. Let me know and I can connect you with experts on those platforms.

  3. I am going to experiment with this on Schoology, since our district switched to this platform. We can see student submissions so definitley a possiblity....thanks for the tip!