Thursday, August 13, 2020

Chefs Taste Their Food, Teachers Add Themselves as Students in Google Classroom

Great chefs and cooks like to taste their food while they cook. They do this to try to ensure the restaurant patron's culinary experience is the best it possibly can be. Teaching with Google Classroom is no different. To ensure your lesson delivery and student experience is the best it can be, the teacher needs to see the student end of Google Classroom. My advice for doing this is to add yourself as a student in your Google Classrooms. 

You can do this by going to the People Tab and inviting your personal Gmail account as a student. Granted, your school or district's domain must allow for outside the domain accounts to join. If so, your personal Gmail account can allow you to have the student perspective of all of your Google Classrooms.

After doing this, one piece of advice would be to turn off the Google Classroom notifications in your personal account. Every time you assign or post something, from the teacher perspective, your personal Gmail address will be getting a notification. It could get a little annoying. 

Step 1: Go to People Tab and click the Invite button in the Students section

Step 2: Enter your personal Gmail address, select it and click Invite

The personal Gmail address will appear greyed out and it will say "(invited)" until you open the invitation in your personal account and accept the invitation. Upon acceptance, the account will appear the same as any other student enrolled in your Google Classroom.

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