Monday, August 31, 2020

Extract Pages from a PDF with iLovePDF


We have all come across a PDF file that had the information and content that could help make a great lesson. But sometimes, the file has more than what you want. Sometimes, you just want a piece of that PDF and not the entire file. is the tool for you when in this situation arises. This website will allow you to extract select pages from a PDF file and merge those pages into a PDF file of its own for your purposes. 

Take a look at the steps and screenshots below to get started using

Step 1: Go to Click the Select PDF file button to choose a PDF from your computer or click the Google Drive button to choose a PDF file from your Drive.

Step 2: If you chose Google Drive, you will need to select your Google account as well as do steps 3-4. If you chose to pull a file from your computer, your computer's files manager would open up and you would select the file there and skip to step 5.

Step 3: Allow permission to access your Google Drive.

Step 4: Search your Google Drive for the PDF file you want and select it.

Step 5: Once a file is chosen and uploaded to, click the Extract pages button.

Step 6: Choose your pages by unchecking the pages you don't want or typing in the pages you do want. 

Step 7: Once the pages have been chosen, check the box to merge extracted pages in one PDF file and click the Split PDF button a the bottom.

Step 8: When the "PDF have been split!" notification appears, HOVER your mouse over the big button that says "Download split PDF" and it will download to your computer. You may also click the Google Drive button to add it to your Google Drive if you choose. 

Once the file is in your Google Drive or on your computer, you will be able to easily distribute the file to students via Google Classroom or LMS of your choice. The video below demonstrates each step in real time. 

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