Friday, September 22, 2017

Cardinal Innovation Center Today: The Tech Squad Rises

It is an exciting time in the Cardinal Innovation Center. One of the many layers of the Cardinal Innovation Center is the student-led Cardinal Tech Squad. The Tech Squad is designed to empower students to provided peer-to-peer, student-to-teacher, and student-to-parent technology assistance. In addition, the Tech Squad provides tech assistance to organizations as well. On our upcoming report card night, they will man a booth to meet with parents to get them signed up with Gmail to be part of the parent email list as well as add parent addresses to the Guardians function of Google Classroom.

Recently, an exciting opportunity came for the Cardinal Tech Squad. The Assistance Service Dog Education Center (ASDEC) from nearby Woodlake, CA is in need of a website overhaul. ASDEC raises and trains golden retrieve puppies to aid those in need of assistance. They train the dogs for vision & hearing impaired, PTSD and more.

My recent visit with the new litter

The Tech Squad met for the first time today to gather information and start building ASDEC a new website with the new Google Sites. They will be adding recorded interviews from ASDEC volunteers and will create profiles for each of the dogs. The profiles will include a picture of the dog, their name and the special skills in which the dog is being trained.

The Tech Squad will work the Cardinal YouTuber Crew to curate videos of ASDEC training sessions and testimonies. In addition, they will collaborate with the Cardinal Social Media posse to manage ASDEC social media. Links to the social media accounts will be featured on the website. The Cardinal Blogger Cafe will soon start a blog for ASDEC and the Tech Squad will add the blog to the ASDEC website.

ASDEC is in desperate need of donations. The owner, Gerald Whitaker is getting ready to retire, but is struggling to pay the bills. It is not cheap to feed and raise the three dozen or so dogs kept on site. If you can help in any way, please contact ASDEC via phone at 559-564-7297.

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