Thursday, March 3, 2016

Tech Coach Log: 3.2.16

I big issue I deal with often is teachers not realizing the value of signing into Chrome.  As Google Apps Admin, I organize teachers into sub-organizations to I am able to have customized settings for them.  But if they don't sign in to Chrome, they don't get the customized settings.  In addition, teachers often sign in with personal Gmail accounts and often get their work settings and info mixed with personal stuff.  Great thing Google Chrome allows you to login to multiple accounts and toggle between them.  I usually have 3 accounts on at all times (personal, work, demo account).

For "tech newbie" teachers, I have found something as simple as a certificate, generated by me, goes a long way as an incentive to get them to be more adventurous in their implementation of tech.  As I look at my wall, I look with pride framed my various certifications.  "Tech newbie" teachers see my little certificates, given after I in-service their classes, as tangible evidence that they don't need to be afraid of the technology. This little gesture leads them to seek me out to continue their develop their implementation of education technology.

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