Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Just an Idea: "Damn Daniel!"

White Vans (shoes) have enjoyed a recent bump in popularity thanks to a couple of teenagers making silly videos.  If you've been online at all recently, it is likely you have "Damn Daniel" ringing through your head.  You've possibly quoted it to your own friends named Daniel.  I know I have.  After watching the viral "Damn Daniel" video, the creative history teacher in me got to thinking.  How could I adapt this to the classroom?

This could be a very engaging activity for students if we had them make a "Damn George" video about George Washington during the Revolution or "Damn Abe" video about Lincoln's presidency.  How about making a "Damn Thomas" video about Edison's inventions?  It would go "Damn Thomas, back at it again with the inventions." I could go on all day.

This could be an easy way to marry technology and history content.  Students could be very creative.  Students could select a series of 5-10 events in the life of a historical figure and pretend to follow them around with a camera shooting 5-10 second clips.  Students would have to create backgrounds, props and costumes. Another way could be have students piece together already made clips of the figure and do the "Damn [insert name]" voice over.

This is just a thought I had.  I am looking forward to experimenting with it soon.

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