Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Tech Coach Log: 3.1.16

Busy is the best way to describe March 1, 2016.  Is it March already?  With CAASPP on the horizon and administration mandating the use of Chromebooks daily, March Madness began, for me, in February.  

I began the day working with 8th Grade science teachers on how to implement Doc Hub.  One drawback to Doc Hub is how the changes made within Doc Hub cannot be submitted through Google Classroom. Teachers are starting to get annoyed by that since students blow up their inbox when submitting Doc Hub assignments.  I'm going to have to contact Google and Doc Hub and integrating Google Classroom and Doc Hub edits.

7th Grade ELA teachers are jumped on my Google Hangouts bandwagon.  I conducted a demo with one class on how to use Hangouts and begin having Academic Conversations  via Hangouts.  Though Hangouts can be easily abused by middle schoolers, I am confident, with good classroom management, it will be be put to good, academic use.  

I continued my work with high school Spanish teachers as they are having students do all presentations via Google Slides and present them using Chromecast and the Google Cast Chrome extension.

As Google Apps Admin, I have been searching for ways to eliminate excuses for teachers not to use technology.  Since there has been a push to use Google Classroom and Gmail is the mandated email service, I set it up for those apps, and a few others, to open in separate tabs upon startup of Chrome.  As expected, some teachers freaked out and others questioned it.  Since, I have been working on separating grade levels into suborganizations to tailor the Chrome extensions and startup tabs to teacher preference.

Never a dull day in Orosi, CA.


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