Thursday, March 10, 2016

Tech Coach Log: 3.10.16

Chromecast EDU

In my house, I have two Chromecasts.  One is upstairs in my man-cave and the other is in my daughters' playroom.  The ability to stream YouTube, pictures, MLB.TV, WatchESPN and many other apps is so convenient and fun.  As I have enjoyed this little "dongle" at home, I have developed ideas for classroom application.  Here is what I have come up with so far.  This list is in no particular order.

  • Use a VGA to HDMI adapter to transform old monitors into digital signage in your classroom.  Save images of content and or student exemplars to your Google Photos account (free and part of any GAFE account).  Chromecast can be set to display images in a Google Photos account when not streaming an app.
  • Have students create a presentation, for any subject, with Google Slides.  Use the Chromecast Chrome extension for students to stream their presentation to the projector without having to "hijack" the teacher's computer.  If you trust your students, they can do the same with their mobile phone or iPod as long as they have the Google Slides app.  They can use a mobile device as a wireless remote.  In addition, when they create the presentation on a PC or Chromebook, they can add speaker notes which are easily seen on the mobile device when presenting.
  • In a math class, have students in groups or as individuals work on problems with an old fashioned whiteboard.  With the webcam on a Chromebook or PC, have students take a picture of their whiteboard.  They can then stream their picture to the projector screen for whole class error analysis.
  • A YouTube Scavenger Hunt (that's what I call it) is a fun way to do a jigsaw. Assign small groups topics from a section of curriculum the same way you would do a jigsaw.  Challenge each group to find a video, 4 minutes or less (teach them to filter search), that concisely describe the topic.  Have each group stream their video during the share-out portion of the exercise.  This can be done as an opening activity or review.  Be sure to approve videos before having students stream.

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