Friday, September 9, 2022

Back to School with Nearpod (#3): Get Started Organizing Lessons into Folders

Welcome back to school! As an educator who lives in the Google environment, Google Drive especially, organizing resources is extremely important. If you don't stay on top of organization of resources in Drive, it becomes a very difficult place to navigate. As you become more comfortable using Nearpod, and you create more lessons, organization of My Lessons in Nearpod is also something to consider.

Like with Google Drive, you can organize your lessons into folders. In the screenshot below, you can see a folder I recently created for my Eduprotocols templates. Get started by clicking on the Folder button. 

A pop up will appear where you will title the folder.

Once created, you'll immediately be taken to that folder. Since it's a brand new folder, it will be empty. Look closely at the screenshot below. You will see an organizational tree similar to that of Google Drive. You can easily see the folder (American Revolution) as a subfolder of My Lessons. 

With your folder(s) created, now it's time to move lessons into the folders. 

Hover your cursor over a lesson you'd like to move. Click three horizontal dots. In the dropdown menu that appears, click Add To Folder. 

In the pop that appears, choose the destination folder. You also have the option to create a new folder from this pop up as well.

When you are in My Lessons, click on the folder to open it in order to view the lessons you've organized in this folder. 

This system is great for organizing lessons by unit, grade level, lesson, templates and more. If you are familiar with the folder creation process in Google Drive, you will find Nearpod's system rather similar and easy to use. 

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