Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Power Up Your Hyperdocs with YouTube Preview

The Hyperdoc Handbook by Lisa Highfill, Sarah Landis and Kelly Hilton took the EDU world by storm, and for good reason. Since this book was published, educators have been designing empowering lessons with Google Docs and more. A popular Hyperdoc feature is to include links to YouTube videos. Until recently, these links existed in the Doc as a hyperlink. These hyperlinks opened the video in a new tab for students to watch. 

An issue I've seen with students is that when they tab hop, they can often be tempted to veer off task. When working through an activity such as a Hyperdoc, keeping students focused on the task is imperative. Recently, Google Docs has been updated to give you the option to add a YouTube link in the form of a "pretty little Smart Chip-like button." See below.


When a student hovers over the "YouTube Chip", a small preview will appear below. This preview gives them more information, at a glance, about the video.

If student hovers over the actual image of the video in the preview, they will see a button appear that says Open preview. 

When they Open preview, in the bottom right corner of the tab, the video will open up and play. This allows them to type on the Doc, take notes and more while watching the video. They can do this from the convenience of the same tab. No tab hopping necessary.

The screenshots shown above are from a Mini Report Eduprotocol. It was this past school year where I saw students using this feature completely on their own. I learned of this cool trick from students. What cool things will your students teach you this upcoming school year?

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