Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Did Your Google Classroom Mysteriously Disappear? Check Archive!

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As we have transitioned to a distance learning model, for GSuite users, Google Classroom has become more important than ever before. Since the quarantine began, I have led numerous virtual training sessions on the many aspects of Google Classroom. As more and more teachers have begun using Google Classroom to facilitate distance learning, I have received a handful of SOS messages saying their Classrooms are not showing up when they go to Google Classroom.

The likely culprit to these mysterious disappearances is Classrooms being accidentally archived. As odd as it sounds, this is more common than you'd expect. Even a Google Certified Trainer and Innovator like myself has fallen victim to the accidental archive of a Classroom. If you are caught in this situation, don't fret. Simply click the "hamburger menu" (three lines) at top left corner of the Google Classroom page. In the sidebar that appears on the left, scroll down to the bottom where it says Archived Classes. You'll see all of your old, archived classes there. Find the one you want, click the three dots on it and select Restore. From there, go back to Classes in the sidebar menu and you'll find that Classroom back among your current list of Classrooms.

Check out this YouTube video below to see how this is done.

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  1. How do I restore the calendar from a class that was accidentally archived? I did this, and now I can't see any of the events or post a calendar event to this class. (I am the teacher)