Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Contact Information on the Gmail Side Panel


Very recently, Google added another new feature to the side panel in Gmail. Below the buttons for Calendar, Keep and Tasks, you will now see a button for Contacts. If you don't see it yet, the feature is still rolling out to domains as we speak and it will appear soon.

The Contacts button on the side panel gives you a couple of new options for accessing information and communicating with people who send you emails. One way to utilize this feature is to open an email and hover your mouse over the name of the sender as shown below.

When you hover your mouse over the sender's name, a small window will appear with options for interacting with that person. Click More info, and on the side panel, more options will appear.

On the side panel, on the right side of Gmail, you will see the same buttons that allow you to (from left to right) compose an email to the person, add them to a Calendar event, start a conversation in Google Chat or initiate a video call in Google Meet. Below those buttons, you'll see more information about the person with Contact details and a list of Recent interactions chronicling past emails and chats with that person. 

Another use for Contacts in the side panel is how it gives you a solid view of all those involved in an email message and thread. When you have an email message open, go to the side panel and click the Contacts button. 

After clicking the Contacts button in the side panel, you will see a list of all other people included the email thread and message. Click on any one of them to see the same details as demonstrated above. This is great for starting new threads and messages with individuals or adding new people to your Contacts.

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