Thursday, December 10, 2020

Don't Sit! JustStand.Org


A saying I've heard often the last few years is "sitting is the new smoking". This saying is worded to be more attention getting than anything, but it is little thought provoking. The point is about how a sedentary lifestyle or, in the case of teachers in distance learning, extensive sitting during the workday can have negative effects on health.

Just the other day, I was sitting at my desk when my mind wandered and I began reflecting on that saying. I tried to take stock of how much I sit each day. As I approach 40 (less than a month away), my body aches from years of soccer, father duties, house maintenance and scoliosis. Working out isn't as convenient any more with all the gyms closed and my motivation to do so has decreased. In my book, co-authored with my wife Katherine Goyette, we talk about being a "walking coach". We encourage edtech coaches to ditch their desks and try to walk and be in classrooms 80 percent of the day. Practicing what I preach, a normal coaching day, pre-COVID, would generate 12,000-15,000 steps a day. 

Distance learning has put quite a dent in my step count, and I catch myself tethered to the desk more than ever. To help combat this, I bought an adjustable desk that raises, allowing me to stand. Although my desk allows me to stand during work, I often catch myself sitting much more than I should. Sometimes I just get into that zone of answering emails, interacting on video calls and blogging. Just so you know, I am standing as I compose this blog post. 

With all that in mind, I researched the negative effects of sitting and, in doing so, came across a website called It isn't a very complicated or fancy site, but it did provide me with some insight that will help me get out my chair much more often while at work. 

The Calorie-Burn Calculator, after entering your information, shows you how many more calories your body can burn when you stand more often than sit. Now, this does not replace exercise, but burning calories is helpful for maintaining good health.

The Sitting Time Calculator helps you track the amount of time you are seated each day. This does require you to be honest. I know I was surprised to see the amount of time a day I spend sitting. 

The site also provides some Quick Facts.  A fact I found interesting was how the average person spends 7.7 hours a day sitting. That number has given me something to shoot for as I aim to stay below that number daily. Having a slow metabolism naturally, I found it interesting how 20 minutes of sitting can negatively affect your metabolism.

I am no health expert, but this site did open my eyes a bit. I know I will resolve to stand more. What can you do to get out of your chair and get on your feet during distance learning? I'd love to hear your ideas.

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