Monday, August 14, 2023

New Google Classroom Feature Allows Teachers to Close Submissions After Due Dates


Google Classroom recently launched a new option for teachers to close submissions once the due dates have passed. As per the Google Workspace Updates Blog, this feature was made available on July 27 and is now being gradually rolled out to users. If you haven't noticed the update yet, it will reach you shortly. This feature has been widely requested by teachers, enabling them to better oversee their workflow and ensure timely submission of all student assignments.

With this new feature, teachers can choose to disable submissions for an assignment after a certain date, regardless of whether or not the assignment has a strict due date. This means that teachers can now prevent students from submitting late work.

Of course, this feature is not without its drawbacks. Some teachers may worry that it will prevent students from having enough time to iterate on their work and achieve mastery. However, teachers can, and should, still provide students with opportunities to revise and resubmit their work, even after the due date. Even if the submission is closed for a specific assignment, students may still access their assignment-related documents to continue to edit. 

Take a look below to see how to get started closing submissions after a due date.

Overall, the new Google Classroom feature that allows teachers to close submissions after due dates is a valuable tool that can help teachers manage their workflow and ensure that all students are submitting their work on time.

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