Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Two Quick Tips That Can Help With Distance Learning

Flipgrid for Teachers

Flipgrid is a great tool to give students opportunities for academic listening and speaking. It's also a great tool for teachers to record quick tidbits, "info-bites" or, tips, nuggets of wisdom and announcements. Create a grid separate from the ones you use with students. Record 30-60 second tips, etc. for kids and parents. Once submitted, the video files are easily downloaded and can be shared via Google Classroom or Remind in addition to be uploaded to YouTube. The example below was recorded with Flipgrid.


DocHub was the foundation of my Ditch That Copier movement. We all have a horror story involving the copier. Stories likely include waiting in line for the copier, jammed copiers, out of toner as well as running out of paper. Years ago, when I was a full-time history teacher, we started using DBQs. Each DBQ packet was at least 10 pages front and back. As a tech coach, I have sought ways to lessen to angst of having to make large amounts of copies and packets.

With Google Classroom and DocHub, most, if not all, of the things you would have kids do with a packet and or article, can be done without making tons of copies. If you're able to get your packet and or article as a PDF file, attach it to an assignment in Google Classroom. Students only need view permission. Students click the file and "Open with" DocHub. From there, they can mark the text however you see fit. When finished, students can submit to Google Classroom from a button in DocHub. See the video below to learn how.

Teacher View

Student View

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