Friday, March 6, 2020

Custom Sticky Notes and Fact Checking with Sketchnotes

Custom Sticky Notes

Feedback is such an important part of what we do as educators. Feedback helps develop rapport and relationships with students. When we make the feedback personal, it becomes more meaningful. Feedback can be as simple as writing on a sticky note. Now you can write on a generic, plain sticky note, but what if you jazzed it up a bit? What if you could create a custom sticky note with your Bitmoji? Create your own custom sticky note to add a personal touch to your feedback. Something this simple goes a long way showing kids you really care.

Click here to access a Google Slides template to create your own custom sticky notes. Once created, screenshot the image and send to Vistaprint. For around $15, you can get a half dozen sticky note pads with 50 notes per pad. Click here to start designing on Vistaprint. Credit to my friend and fellow Google Certified Innovator Ben Cogswell for creating this template and sharing this great idea with me.

Fact Check with Sketchnotes

My Google Certified Innovator project, The Cardinal Innovation Center, has a Sketchnotes Gallery. On this website, I scan student sketchnotes exemplars and curate them by grade and subject. The Gallery is easy to create with Google Sites. Click here to see the Cardinal Innovation Center Sketchnotes Gallery.

Teachers can then access these sketchnotes for a variety of activities. One way you can use the Sketchnotes Gallery is to review concepts in a fact check activity. Give students a rubric or list of criteria. Send them to the accompanying topic page in your Sketchnotes Gallery. Have them evaluate some sketchnotes and judge them to see if the sketchnotes are conveying all of the main ideas or concepts listed in the rubric or list of criteria. This is great for spiral review or assessment prep.

Integrate some edtech by having them use the Screencastify Chrome Extension to record their critique of the sketchnotes.

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