Monday, August 21, 2017

Tech Coach Walkabout: Google Hangouts in an Art Class

On my first day back at work after the Sydney Google Innovator Academy, I went on walkabout at Orosi High School. On walkabout, I came across an interesting question from one of the art teachers. Last year this teacher had issues with wifi and poor visibility of the LCD projector. My visit to this class was to check on these issues. The wifi has improved greatly, but the visibility of the LCD projector persists. 

The art teacher asked me if I knew of a way for her to project her demonstrations from her iPad and have students view the demonstrations on Chromebooks at their workstations. Immediately, my mind went to Google Hangouts. 

The classroom has 8 table groups. In each group, a student "captain" will be selected. On demonstration days, the captain will get a Chromebook and log in. The teacher will create multiple-user Hangouts with the captains in each class period. For demonstrations, the teacher will initiate the Hangout and each captain will join. 

The Hangouts will allow the teacher to demonstrate and the students can view the demonstration on the LCD projector on wall and or the Chromebooks at their table stations.  Students can ask questions via text and teacher can answer verbally and provide feedback on a table by table basis.

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