Friday, April 1, 2016

Tech Coach Log 4.1.16


Google Keep for Students: Homework Lists and Reminders

At the beginning of every year, we distribute planners to all students.  After the first month, they usually get covered in graffiti, destroyed or not used at all.  For student planners to be effective, students need to check them constantly and keep them in a safe, convenient place.  This being said, after a month or so, very few students use the planners effectively.  

If we are going to foster 21st century skills, if students have GAFE accounts, we should take advantage of Google Keep.  Google Keep is a great compliment to Google Calendar.  Google Calendar is great for students to input due dates for assignments, especially in a class with Google Classroom.  Google Keep allows students to make to do lists.  These to do lists can be set to remind students at a set time, or, using the mobile app, at a set location.  

Wouldn't it be great for students if they added to their homework to do list throughout the day and it reminded them to do the work as soon as they got home?

Here's how to do it with Google Keep Mobile App.

Here's how to do it with the Google Keep Web App.

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