Friday, September 4, 2015

Lesson Plan and Pacing Guides with Google Calendar

Over the years, my district has mandated the submission of weekly lesson plans.  This required the filling out of a template, printing out and walking it to the office.  Talk about tedious.  What if there were an easier, more convenient way?  With Google Calendar, there is.  Now you still may have to fill out a template, and if so, ask for an electronic copy.

Using Google Calendar for lesson plans makes it easy to share them with administration and substitute teachers (provided they have a Google account).

As you are planning your lessons, create a Google Calendar event for the lesson you plan to teach. For example, if you are teaching a three-day lesson, set the dates in the event.  I suggest setting the event to be All Day.

In the Description box, you may consider including a short description of the lesson and or essential questions.  
Use the Add Attachment function to attach any documents needed to teach the lesson.  This includes Google Docs, Google Slides, PDF files, video/music files.  You will also want to attach your school's official lesson plan template tailor made for this lesson.  Any attached file should be shared with those who will be teaching the lesson.  If you are comfortable, you may want to make the files public. Documents should be saved in Google Drive to make sharing easier.
Be sure to share the calendar with all who need to see the calendar.  Be sure to give the appropriate permissions.  If you share the entire calendar, do not share individual events.  This will put duplicate events on that person's calendar.

With Pacing Calendar and Lesson Plans on Google Calendar, preparing for a lesson is as simple as opening your calendar and the attached documents.  

I hope this has been helpful.  Please contact me ( with any questions, ideas and or improvements.

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