Thursday, April 30, 2015

EdPuzzle: Website overview

Yesterday I came across a site called EdPuzzle.  A friend of mine, (the man, the myth, the legend) Jon Corripo suggested I try it.  It is a great way to have students interact with videos they watch. Instead of having the whole class watch a video on the projector screen, assign a Chromebook to a student.  Email your students the class code.  Once they're in, you assign them a video to watch. With a Chromebook, they can watch the video at their own pace.

Here is the cool part.  You can embed a quiz into the video.  The video will stop at specific points in the video where you want to check for understanding.  You can enable a setting so students cannot move forward in the video until they've answered the question.  On your teacher dashboard, you can monitor, in real time, their progress.  When they're finished, you  can score their answers and give feedback to each individual student from the dashboard.  From there, you can export a report to a spreadsheet with all student scores.  This report can be imported to a gradebook.

The purpose of this site is to make videos more interactive and to hold students accountable for paying attention.  It also makes grading a bit easier and faster.

Click the link below and give it a shot.  Like most technology, the best way to learn is to play around with it and experiment.

When you go to the site, start as a Teacher and login using Google

This is what the teacher dashboard looks like.  In the My Classes tab, you can see student progress.  When they are done, you click grade to score their answers and you can give them feedback which will show up on their end as well.  Clicking Export will send a report to an Excel Spreadsheet with student results.  These results can be imported into a gradebook.

This is what it looks like to score questions.  The check mark means correct.  If you click the "X", it is incorrect.  If you click the chat bubble, you can leave a comment for the student.

View the video below to see a sample.

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