Thursday, November 30, 2017

The Cardinal Innovation Center Buzzing with Activity

As the Cardinal Innovation Center continues to evolve, the biggest hurdle to date is consistently getting students involved virtually and physically. Being able to teach a few history classes is keeping the project afloat, but merely being afloat is not the end game. I envision this project being a resource to empower learning and teaching school-wide.

Yesterday was the busiest day to date. From the time I opened the doors at 7:30 am until closing them at 5:00 pm, the action was non-stop. At night, teachers were sending me student booksnaps to be curated in the Cardinal Booksnaps gallery on

Yadira is hashtagging her notes in my
World History Class

These gentlemen are screencasting their presentation
for their Tech Rodeo app

I have been dreaming of a day like this since the beginning. After teaching two periods of World History, the remainder of the day, the room was filled with freshman Digital Literacy students who were working on the Google Certified Student program I designed. Our 11-12th grade Computer Science students came in and out throughout the day to screencast a presentation for the apps they're building for Tech Rodeo.

Melissa is screencasting her performance tasks
in the Google Certified Student Program
At lunch, more freshman came in to continue with the Google Certified Student program. The Cardinal Innovation Center Tech Squad met during lunch to continue building the website for the Assistance Service Dog Educational Center in Woodlake, CA. After school, a parent showed up to inquire about how her son could get involved with the Dog Educational Center and Tech Squad.

Long story short, yesterday was a banner day. The Cardinal Innovation Center was full of life, innovation and energy. Too often, though, hours go by with nothing going on. If yesterday is an omen for things to come, my vision for the Cardinal Innovation Center will become a reality sooner rather than later. Get ready Crystal Miller, I am going to need a lot of support and guidance!

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