Thursday, July 20, 2017

Musings of a Tech Coach: The Power of My PLN

Just finished my first ISTE Conference. Not only did I attend for the first time, I had the privilege/pleasure of presenting three sessions. It was an absolute blast. I honestly didn't attend any sessions except for a handful of walk-by poster sessions. This was due to two things. First, each session was crowded and I really couldn't get a seat. Second, and most important, I was geeking out on all the people from my virtual PLN that I got to meet "In Real Life" (IRL) for the first time. 

As I meandered the halls, walkways, Riverwalk and Expo Center, I looked at people's faces and name tags. Cool thing is that ISTE allowed people to put their Twitter handles on the tags. More times than I can count, when I saw a Twitter handle I recognized, I introduced myself to the person and struck up a conversation. Not one person I stopped thought I was weird (I think). At the end of the conversation, I made sure to take a selfie with the person. At the end, I took roughly 30-40 selfies with my PLN Tweeps.  

Those selfies have been recorded on a Google MyMap below. As I attend and present at conferences now and in the future, I will add more PLN Tweeps. Are you on my map????

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