Monday, July 27, 2015

Google Drive Plugin for Microsoft Office - Improving Google/Microsoft Dual Citizenship

Hello fellow educators. For all your using GAFE (Google Apps for Education), Google recently dropped a little morsel that will make our dual citizenship of Google and Microsoft much easier. Since my job as technology coach has me neck deep into Google, I have toyed with idea of abandoning Microsoft and Windows completely. This thought is pretty outrageous considering I have always been a Microsoft geek. For the most part, Google Docs, Slides and Sheets are slightly watered down versions of Office, but they are always improving. But still, many of us prefer the features and functionality of Office. Before Google released their Google Drive Plugin for Office, you could live in both worlds, but you had to download your files from Drive and open them on your machine in Office. Not terribly difficult, but anything to make our lives a little easier and remove annoying steps is welcomed.
Here's how it works. Google "Google Drive Plugin for Microsoft Office." This search will show you results that link you the download of this plugin. Download the plugin and install. With this installed, you will make Google Drive a destination from which you can pull and open documents in Microsoft Office (Word, Slides, Sheets). There will be no need for downloading from Drive. When finished editing a document on Word, you can save the changes back to Drive.

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