Monday, May 11, 2015

Collections by Google+.....Google's take on Pinterest.

This is a shout to all the Pinners out there.  If you love Pinterest, Collections is Google's "version" of it.  As many of us know, Pinterest is a great way to "pin" ideas for home and classroom.  Collections works in a similar fashion.  In my limited experience with Collections, I have merely shared Google+ posts into collections I have made, but if you were to open one of my collections (Technology in the Classroom), you will find some very useful Google ideas organized "Pinterest style".

Collections are very easy to set up.  Go to Google+ and click on the drop down menu in the top left corner. Select Collections.

Here, you will see Collections to which you have followed.  On the screen below, you can also create a Collection.

When you create a Collection, this will pop up.

Name it.  Customize it.  As you browse Google+, when you find a post you would like to share, click the share button.  In the drop down menu, you will see your Collection as a choice.  Select it and that post will be put into your Collection.

Collections are preceded by this logo 

Think of Collections as groups of favorite posts and ideas.  Once you've created a Collection, be sure to share it via Google+.  Click the share arrow .

I hope this is helpful.  Contact me with questions or ways to improve this process.

"You can spell Teach without Tech."

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