Quick Tips on TikTok

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(4/22/21) Remove background on images with remove.bg

This makes images with transparent backgrounds that will be easier to blend into your Google Slides backgrounds.

(4/21/21) Quickly start new Google Docs, Slides, Sheets and Sites!

Type the name of the app, then "dot new" (.new). 

(4/21/21) Just added a Chrome Extension, but you don't see it yet?

Click the "puzzle piece" button and pin the extension to Chrome.

(4/21/21) Want to remember to respond to an email later, but don't want to forget?

In Gmail, click the Add to tasks button and it will be added to your Google Tasks list on the right side panel. The subject of the message will be the name of the task. This can be edited. Add a time reminder so you don't forget. A link back to the email will be on the task so you don't have fish through your inbox to find it.


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